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Undead Assault Reborn (UAR) is a cooperative survival game. UAR is based on UA3 made long ago by Illidan.

Up to 12 players try to survive and accomplish missions in a zombie apocalypse context.

Each player plays a soldier of the Outlaw squad, part of the United Terran Army (UT Army). The progression (mainly the XP earned doing missions) is saved for the following games, which allows to unlock new classes and different bonus.

Your Squad, Outlaw is deployed in the Thalim AO to patrol, identify the threats and secure the place while Ravensword is the Headquarters team (unseen NPC) which will monitor and lead your operations.

Objectives : play as a team, defend the civilians and clean the AO.

Category Content
General Game Tips Tips to understand the game and become a good player
Modes Summary of the various game modes and game modifiers available to choose from at the start of the game.
Military Occupational Specialties Overviews of the various classes of player-controlled Heroic units and guides for utilizing them in fulfilling their roles.
Game Map Map with most important locations
Shared Hero Abilities Abilities that can be used by all heroes
Call For Fire (CFF) Ability to call down a bombardment from the UT Army
Missions Walkthrough of mission objectives that appear as the game progresses.
Items List of every item that appears in-game as well as their function.
Undeads Bestiary of all the undead enemies that you will encounter.
PMC enemies This provides information on enemies that will spawn in PMC mode
Aliens (Invasion mod) A list of the Aliens contained in Invasion mode
Military Stats on military units, including Local Nationals, Reinforcements, the UT Army, and Private Military Corporations.
Civilians Rundown of the sparce number of non-combatants and Police Officers in the AO.
Ailments List of the ailments you can be inflicted with.
Ranks Information about ranks and the experience required to attain them.
Skill Identifiers Guide for unlocking Skill Identifiers and explanations of what they do.
Medals Requirements in performance for earning Medals.
Unlockables Unlocks for Camouflage and Decals.
Weapon Caches Explanation for this items reward system.

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Activity[edit | edit source]

Defending west of Thalim

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