Important events Edit

Time Event
10:20 Vesania spawns (PMC Maureder enemy rocketing you)
20:20 Aspectus (PMC using Call For Fire )
30:20 Umbra (PMC sniper)

Ignis (PMC flamer)


40:40 Cacumen
50:00 Phantom lands. You have 1:30 to get into it

Tips Edit

Cooperate Edit

  • Cooperate ! One guy can kite while the others kill. If someone runs out of stamina or items, help him.
  • Group together. If you split too much, you are easier targets and you can get the others killed. You may meet zombies in front of you if there is people relatively far in front of you, which leads to dangerous situations.

Coordinate Edit

  • Finish voting as soon as possible. The sooner you start game, the more time you have to move, edit Skill Identifiers, camo etc. 
  • Form Fire Teams (FT) with an experienced team leader (TL) and with good vision. This is good for coordination and to mark important targets.
  • Run on the map in large circles and slightly change those circles to scout for caches. If you run in circles, you leave your enemies hunting you behind you and not in front of you (!). This way you don't get trapped and you do not die. Leader can mark path for running using ALT+G on minimap.
  • Stop at places where you have good vision and where you can't get trapped easily to kill enemies and level up.
  • Some enemies are too strong to be killed face to face by most characters (e.g. Vesenia spawned at 10:20). Do not fight them directly. Rather use flares, explosions and rocket/snipe from distance. If you can't, run and kill them only if you have equipment and abilities for that.

Manage your speed Edit

  • Speed is one of the keys of success. Make sure that you are fast enough in the later game (40th minute) to overrun Cacuman. Items like HK42, OPA or Lift Boots are great. Also consider Skill Identifiers (SI) like Twinke Toes (TT). Soldier Skills at lvl 3 give movement speed bonus and so do other skills.
  • If you run, do not let your stamina get low. You run slower. Use Z+T in regular intervals (approx 3sec run, 3 sec walking) in combination with jumps. Also use cliff jumps to get from fast ground units (Hunters, Lings...).

Other Edit

  • Chose soldier's color (camo), which is white or similar, so that you do not confuse yourself with enemies (PMC mutants)
  • Easiest survival is with Outbreak mode (tons of zombies). You can lvl up easily and they are not too fast. It is easy to get trapped if you do not run in circles, though.