In-Game description 18G — Ghost

Ghosts were newly introduced to the US Military upon the field application of meta-flex, rendering personnel and equipment invisible. Ghosts are a highly-rounded type of SOF used for long range surveilence and reconnaisance in extremely hostile territory and ambushing unsuspected adversaries.

Rank Requirements WO 25,000 XP — Chieft Warrant Officer 3 {CW3}
Maximum Per Game 1
Health 400
Energy 205
Armor 1
Move Speed 2.91
Weapon Type Plasma Rifle
Weapon Damage 48–56
Weapon Range 18
Weapon Speed 0.3
Rounds per Magazine 80

Ghost Skills Edit

Enables cloaking. Ghost enters cloaking mode after not shooting a set amount of time. Attacking cancels cloaking. Cloaking costs no energy for Ghost.(decloaking can be prevented by disabling auto attack, using mgl or mrl do NOT decloak.)

Level Skills added cloak delay
1 Motion Sensor lasts 4.5 min and has cooldown of 4.5 min. Shows location of enemies in the area without identifying them.

Binoculars reveals an area at range for Ghost only. Detects inviisble units.

2 Flare Gun reveals a 15 radius area for all players, detects invisible units and slows enemies near the center by 20%.

Field Camera is invisible and shows area around it to all players. Lasts 5 minutes, 3 minutes cooldown.

3 Light filter passively enables Ghost to see invisible units around him.

Laser Designator reveals target unit to all players and reduces its armor by 5. Lasts 45 seconds, 45 seconds cooldown.


ISR shows entire map terrain to all players and periodically pings location of enemy PMCs

5 Ion Cannon fires a beam from the sky dealing 12,000 damage over 5 seconds. The beam can be controlled and moved during duration. Can deal friendly damage 3

Marksmanship Edit

  • Marksmanship grants a 12.5% chance to land a critical hit, increasing damage dealt and causing penetration splash damage on that attack.
  • Each level increases the damage multiplier and also gives the following bonuses:
    • Increases Dexterity by 4.
    • Increases attack range by 1.


Damage Multiplier
1 2x
2 3x
3 4x
4 5x

Plasma Grenade Edit

Throws a grenade that deals immediate damage and burns the area for 8 seconds afterwards, slowing targets by 8%. Deals friendly damage and destroys equipment. Each level reduces cost and cooldown.

Level Damage
1 500 immediate damage + 200 burn damage.
2 600 immediate damage + 400 burn damage.
3 750 immediate damage + 600 burn damage.

900 immediate damage + 800 burn damage.

Combat Enhancements Edit

Unlocks 3 types of special rounds, only one of which can be active at a time.

For the best effect all 3 should be used regulary since its possible to stack all of the rounds effects on 1 target.

Level Effect
1 Unlocks Disruptor rounds. While active, reduce target armor by 8, attack speed and damage by 35%.
2 Unlocks Cryo rounds. While active, reduce target movement speed by 25%.
3 Unlocks Indendiary rounds. While active, apply a burn to target dealing 120 damage per second for 3 seconds (does not stack).

Grants Combat Fitness passive bonus: +40 health, +0.2 health regen per second, +0.1 Move speed.

Recommended Skills Edit

Level Skill
1 Ghost skill 1 For motion sensor (try to keep up at thalim at all times)
2 combat enhancement 1
3 combat enhancement 2
4 combat enhancement 2 unlocks inc rounds for a lot more dps
5 ghost skill 2
6 ghost skill 3
7 ghost skill 4 in pmc go straight for ghost skill 4

instead of going combat first

8 ghost skill 5
9 marksman

Recommended Skill Identifiers Edit

First SI Second SI Description